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Beachfront Mansion

New York Beachfront Mansion


Are you interested in buying a beachfront mansion in New York, NY? Do you want to experience living close to the beautiful ocean by renting one of the beachfront mansions in the area? Do you have a New York beachfront mansion that you wish to sell and are looking for a real estate company to help you with the transaction?

Well, you have come to the right place. Giant Mansions is the one-stop shop to meet all your real estate needs. We can help you get the New York beachfront mansion you want. And, we are also the experts to help you dispose of the New York beachfront mansion that you no longer want.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs regarding:

  • Beach front mansion
  • Oceanfront mansion
  • Lakefront mansion
  • Waterfront home

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New York Beachfront Mansions


There are several advantages accruing from investing in New York beachfront mansions. Residing in a beachfront mansion can enhance your standard of living and quality of life in a big way. However, owners of New York beachfront mansions can be sure of enjoying excellent ROI even if they do not live there.

Renting out New York beachfront mansions during the peak tourist season can bring in substantial income. Meanwhile, the owners of waterfront mansions are assured of ready access to a delightful place for vacationing with family and friends. Appreciation in the market value of the New York beachfront mansions is another benefit.

Contact us if you want to buy:

  • Luxury mansion
  • Modern mansion
  • Brick mansion
  • Large mansion

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New York Waterfront Mansions


We are proud to have the choicest of New York waterfront mansions listed with us for sale. Classic regency architecture and soft contemporary interior décor are the hallmarks of our New York waterfront mansions.

All our properties have been constructed with top-grade materials, cutting-edge technology, and the best construction techniques.

The other attractive features of our New York waterfront mansions include:

  • 7-12 rooms
  • Well-appointed kitchen
  • 5-15 car garage
  • 1-2 hot tubs
  • 2-3 pools

Those who buy or rent our New York waterfront mansions can look forward to experiencing the ultimate in oceanside living, embracing the modern style of living. Come to us if you aspire to do the same.

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