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Luxury Oceanfront Mansion

Baltimore Luxury Oceanfront Mansion


Owning a fantastic luxury oceanfront mansion in Baltimore, MD, is not a dream anymore. With five to 15 vehicle garages, seven to 12 bedrooms, one to two hot tubs, and two to three swimming pools, a Baltimore luxury oceanfront mansion is perfect to keep you and your family entertained.

Our designs are simple and efficient, and make for a functional Baltimore luxury oceanfront mansion. Find plans and designs that range from luxurious to uber-luxurious as per your style and budget. All master suites of a Baltimore luxury oceanfront mansion have private balconies, and all secondary rooms have ample closets and private baths.

A luxury oceanfront mansion is similar to these options:

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Baltimore Luxury Oceanfront Mansions


Our collection of Baltimore luxury oceanfront mansions covers a range of house plans: from Mediterranean style to craftsmen homes to luxury beachfront villas.

Our Baltimore luxury oceanfront mansions allow you to enjoy the enchanting surroundings and stunning views—azure blue skies, warm and salty breezes, sparkling waves and trees by the shore. Get ready to relax in your Baltimore luxury oceanfront mansions as the tidewater rolls in. The best features of our Baltimore luxury oceanfront mansions are the outdoor exteriors such as patios, courtyards, decks and docks.

We offer multiple options for luxury oceanfront mansions such as:

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Baltimore Luxurious Oceanfront Mansions


Our Baltimore luxurious oceanfront mansions have raised foundations that let flood-water and ocean waves pass. This way, no long-term damage is rendered to your prime property.

The open floor plans for Baltimore luxurious oceanfront mansions encourage togetherness on holidays and vacations. The master bedrooms of these Baltimore luxurious oceanfront mansions are designed in a way that the spectacular views are showcased. Not to mention the bonus rooms that complete our Baltimore luxurious oceanfront mansions.

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