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Modern Mansion

New York Modern Mansion

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A modern mansion in New York, NY, is no longer a distant dream. At Giant Mansions, we cater to all your needs for modern and high-end living. Your New York modern mansion comes replete with all the amenities for luxurious living. What goes into making a New York modern mansion? Around 7-12 bedrooms, two to three swimming pools, more than two hot tubs and 5-15 vehicle garages.

We take pride in the fact that the landscaping of your New York modern mansion is done with professionals, who combine their skills for tasteful architecture and their love for all things luxurious.

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New York Modern Mansions

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Imagine yourself sitting snug in your New York modern mansions, surrounded by all the comforts of modern living and enjoying the fruits of nature. Our global network of real estate professionals goes to great lengths when picking the destinations of your New York modern mansions. Some of our New York modern mansions are hidden among the city’s skyscrapers and hotels. They are so full of opulence; it will make your jaw drop. Taking luxury to the next level, our New York modern mansions make abundant use of mahogany, marble and other rich woods.

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New York Modern Luxury Mansions

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From hiding secret rooms and basements to hosting huge wine cellars and kitchen bars, our New York modern luxury mansions are what the rich and famous covet. Full of architectural and social history, these New York modern luxury mansions are your perfect NYC adventure.

New York modern luxury mansions come with central heating and cooling systems, and some even have their own elevators. True wonders to behold and true gems to live in, New York modern luxury mansions are architectural marvels.

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