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Lakefront Mansion

Boston Lakefront Mansion


Our architects at Giant Mansions have designed your dream lakefront mansion in the Boston, MA, area with scenery and surroundings on top of their minds. A typical Boston lakefront mansion large floor to ceiling glass windows to take in the breathtaking views. A lot of square footage of a Boston lakefront mansion is dedicated to outdoor living spaces such as porches and courtyards and boat docks.

Our expert architects will tell you that many times the main floor of the Boston lakefront mansion is raised above ground so that water does not damage the property.

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Boston Lakefront Mansions


A lake is a typical vacation destination, and what better way to enjoy your holidays with family and friends than in your own Boston lakefront mansions! Make them your year-round homes or vacation getaways, Boston lakefront mansions are the perfect places to seek peace and relaxation.

With stunning Boston lakefront mansions next to sparkling waters, get ready to roll your swim gear and boats. When you choose to live in one of our Boston lakefront mansions, every day is an adventure.

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Boston Modern Lakefront Mansions


The main features of Boston modern lakefront mansions are the outdoor living spaces that let you enjoy the calm and serenity of living in front of a water body. Many floor plans of our Boston modern lakefront mansions include sun decks, wraparound porches, wooden patios and boat docks.

You could even go for screened porch options if there are bugs in the area where your Boston modern lakefront mansions are located.

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