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Washington Mansion


Giant Mansions provides several options for choosing a mansion in the Washington, DC, area. Home plans are designed by our experts in such a way that the elegance of the mansion gives you a rustic and cosy feel. With abundant outdoor living space, our Washington mansion style ranges from country to contemporary to colonial.

Whether you are looking for primary residence in a suburban surrounding or a vacation getaway hidden in the countryside, our Washington mansion options can cater to all your real estate needs. Some of the features of our Washington mansion include generous porch space, fireplace as centrepiece, ample square footage, rustic décor, kitchen islands with walk-in pantry, and recreational rooms such as gyms and theatres.

Our clients come asking for these options:

  • Jeff Bezos mansion
  • Drake mansion
  • John Travolta mansion
  • Justin Bieber mansion
  • Jeffree Star mansion
  • Steve Harvey mansion

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Washington Mansions


With a multitude of architectural styles available in the market, we can help you find a style you like by narrowing down your search for Washington mansions.

Our customers sometimes give us references of these options for homes:

  • Lebron James house
  • Michael Jordan house
  • Cardi B house
  • Ellen Degeneres house
  • Jake Paul house
  • Beyonce house

With our wide selection of home designs for Washington mansions, find almost any style imaginable from our listings. You can even find the curb appeal you desire matched with the interior layout of your Washington mansions. From traditional to modern to country homes, browse all our plans for the most iconic Washington mansions you can imagine.

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Washington New Mansions


Choose from our Washington new mansions with expansive grounds and manicured gardens with water features and creative effects. Many of our Washington new mansions feature luxurious extras like recreation rooms, gyms, hot tubs and swimming pools. The contemporary floor plans of our Washington new mansions include designs that are in line with latest trends and popular features that you want.

Our seasoned architects make sure that since our home trends are constantly changing, the contemporary home designs of our Washington new mansions are also current and ever-changing.

Ask our real estate experts for these options:

  • New modern mansions
  • New Victorian mansions
  • Lake new mansions
  • Russian mansions
  • Million-dollar mansions
  • Celebrity mansions

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