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Large Mansion

Washington Large Mansion


Our goal at Giant Mansions is to offer you the best and the most luxurious floor plans for a large mansion in Washington, DC. A large luxury Washington large mansion is not simply large in size, it is also big in character. Our Washington large mansion has beautiful facades, with exteriors built with high-quality wall materials. The architectural style of our Washington large mansion is reflected in each and every detail of the property.

Our large mansion designs range from:

  • Big modern mansions
  • Mansion with big windows
  • Big shed mansion
  • Large family mansion
  • Victorian Large Mansions
  • Large suburban house

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Washington Large Mansions


From beachfront coastal style mansions to stunningly crafted villas, our range of Washington large mansions covers it all and everything in between. Go for a striking Mediterranean home or an enchanting modern piece of contemporary mansion, you can not go wrong with our Washington large mansions. From our handpicked listings of Washington large mansions, we are sure that you will find one that suits your individual character and lifestyle. Our Washington large mansions come with modern layout with open floor plans, spacious master suites, the occasional wine cellar and more.

Ask our real estate experts for:

  • large prefab homes
  • house with large garage
  • big house modern
  • large ranch style homes
  • large bungalow
  • large single-storey homes

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Washington Big Mansions


Whether you want a mansion for a big family or need separate in-law suites, our Washington big mansions have all the space you need to accommodate the people you love and care for. If frequently entertaining guests is your thing, there are plenty of options when choosing from our Washington big mansions. Think expansive porches and courtyards, landscaping that is best suited for house parties, fountains and water features; our Washington big mansions provide it all.

Some features that are common to the plans of our luxurious Washington big mansions include kitchens with island and pantry, cascading staircases, formal dining room, recreation rooms such as gym, mini theatre offices, multiple vehicle garages, and elegantly manicured lawns fitted with effects.

Our trusted clientele often asks us about:

  • Large craftsman house
  • Big cute mansions
  • Large brick mansions
  • Large colonial mansion
  • Big mansions with big kitchens
  • Large glass house

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